Saturday, April 26, 2008

5. all about langkawi -part1-

i notice sumthing while i driving around langkawi for the pass 3 weeks..make dat 4[soon to be]

i really hate how the citizens drive super are few example:

1. they super last minute signal n i have to break instantly

2. they drive VERY though their grandfather own the road...=.=

3. turn in super slow..slower than a tortoise...we biasa turn in we go 2nd gear..but they turn in 1st gear..dat makes me have to stop for the traffic light for the 2nd time..

4. they have "no" law on roads..seriously...really!!

5. on the road..the lane dah lah one ani..the motor take like the car space..they dun have a lane for motor like KL.. so when i see one motor taking one space of a car..i simply cut them..

basically when i drive i have been complaining alot about this till i forget wat i wan to type adi..ade byk..but i cant remember...but this is the main points..

i dunno izit me dat i like to drive fast, or im so use to KL road where i sumtimes speed.. or the langkawi citizens jz being liddat...

well..dats more on langkawi..which i noticed loh.. all the time i come here to holiday different..

preview: langkawi men/guys.. are super kolot/old fashion
ang moh^^


Friday, April 25, 2008

4. bored bored bored bored....

YEAY!!!! i manage to get into my blog adi!!! after for 3 weeks..of trying to enter into this blog..yeay!!.. still in langkawi..having my weekend holiday... nth much..bored..everyday have been bored...cant do much but jz going to beaches n waterfalls...haihz..

im now in my 3rd week of posting..n i have 7 weeks of posting to go..i seriously cant wait to go back to KL...going to langkawi for few days or nice lah..but staying here for 2months, is way to much..dah lah langkawi small..i went the whole place in like 2 days adi..haihzzzzzzzzzzzz........

here..the food cut throat..yea..i noe is duty free..but..KFC n MCD very expensive..KL X-Meal is oledi 10 bucks adi!! go mamak makan, 5 bucks jz fly away mcm itu..haihz...expensive expensive..

when come back from here..the duty free island i put up pics:)


Thursday, April 3, 2008

3. neurology....~~

God's Promise~The Rainbow~

saw dat rainbow when i was my way back from coll...lovely..sorry for the very bad quality pic..but im using a phone cam..

i jz recently realize sumting..i love neurologY!!! is fun~~~~~
neuro, neuro, neuro...^^

btw..this 2 months..i will not be free to update my blog coz im going to langkawi for posting!! hohoho!!


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