Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15.$110!!!!!!! haihz~~~thanks to my onli left quarter of my allowance..=.=...i went to "restock" my phone i went to place where they sell i said i wan 30 bucks hotlink..n the lady ask or card?..i said means i key in my hp no n send straight to my phone..n so..i key in my phone no is 0173751980...n in quick motion..i jz key 0173521980...n the lady said..confirm?..n u noe me lah..i jz say "yea yea"..n soooooooooooooooooo..i waited..n waited..n waited..fer the msg to recieve..n guess wat..NO!!!it didnt!! lady show me the no. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! is the wrong no..i was actually thinking of my BROs no.!..his 1st 3 no is 352 n my last 4 no is 1980..oh gosh!!..n guess wat..the no is VALID!!

dat means ade org sudah ambik my duit..n so the lady ask me to cal the fella..n i said i cant call d/t my credit expire..n so she ask me to put 5 bucks 1st..n so i PAID 10 bucks..oh! the 30 bucks..i paid using 50 bucks..n so i lost about 60 bucks..n so i called the fella..n he pick up..i said.."harlo..sorry ya, jz did u recieve a 30 dollar credit?"n he said yes..i cont."izit ok fer u to send back the money to me?"..n guess wert..the line werent clear..he put down the phone..=.=..

so i txt him..stating the same thing again..n he reply.."saya tak faham BI" OMGOSH!!!wat in the world?...then i CALLED him again toking in BM!..from wat i hear..he in an same thing again..n in the end.he agree to sent back the money to i waited n waited n waited at the counter there..waited n waited n WAITED..i got really fed up..i call him again..BUGGER!! HE DIDNT PICK UP THE PHONE..he rejected it!!!!!! the end i told the lady..sorry lah..i dun wan to wait..i paid another 50 bucks!!..n now i have lost 110 bucks!!*sob**sob*i was realy i told to myself..i wait fer another hour..see will he send it to me..n guess wat NO! i told my so going to call him EVERY 20 mins until he pick up..but in the end..i didnt do mum ask me to tell him a very sad story stating im poor, im a student have to "pay" rent n stuff...i need it..making a crying sound..=.= i will do dat!? way..drama queen..=.=

n yea..tml im DEFINENTLY going to call him AGAIN!!!im so going to disturb him till he give back my MONEY!!! bad my bad..=.= ARGH!! im so frus at myself!..bcoz d/t dat..i cant buy xmas present..n i have not enuf money fer xmas deco fer xmas mum to give advance allowance from next month Jan '09..n she agree..pheww... still angry at myself..really..i really wan to bang my silly old head on the wall rite now..haihz..did i mention im going to call him again the next day?..mayb i do it every 20 mins to annoy evil;)...YES!!IM GOING TO CALL DAT FELLA AGAIN N AGAIN N AGAIN UNTIL HE GIVE ME BACK MY 30BUCKS!!although i bet he had use it adi..=.=ignorant, inconsiderate FELLA...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa..i wan to cry!!..*sob**sob*i saved his number..n i put his name under"CREDIT THIEF"


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