Sunday, May 31, 2009

21 birthday

today is the day,im 21 y/o!..well i dun really post about my birthday..but jz wanna say thanks n show my appreciation to all my frenz who wish me^^ love u lots!!although alot of ppl is bz..u guys still wish ya lot!..i love being 21..actually to be honest i cant wait fer my bday..bcoz there's where u recieve ang pau(red packet)..woo-hoo!well..i didnt really expect my granny giving me money..n so do my aunt..hahah! dats my 1st bday present..well..i dun really go fer bday present's..i feel damn paiseh when ppl gimme..>.<>.< seems dat ppl cant hear me when i tok..weird..n i wan this phone!


yeap..i wan this phone..y?bcoz is walkman n is TOUCH SCREEN!!.. TOUCH SCREEN

i hate tml..i jz cant wait fer the 9th to come..n im FREE!!..tml is my final exam..100 MCQ..gila! n then in totally free..until the 9th..on dat day, is my professional exam..damn is practical..i hope i really do well to help to GRADUATE!!..i need to graduate..i cant stand studying in dat coll of mine..seriously~i wan to take a break from studies..i really hate to study..but i dun mind learning new stuff though..>.< weird..hmm..i wish i could study overseas...i wish..oh well..see wat God has install fer me..^.^Y

after dat..i need to find a job..>.<..gosh i jz recieve a msg from my lecturer is asking fer chinese girl who is interested in wrking in klang n geriatric..gosh..i dunno i should take it anot..GERIATRIC!..n dats OLD PPL!!..old..ppl...old ppl..geriatric..>.<..mayb i should consider..hmmm..

oh well..i need to study jz abit..then sleep..need to wake up early as possible..hate it!

ja-ne~till then!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

23. muhibah!

betul betul muhibah..taken in lrt on the way back from hospital..this 3 lovely ladies which consist malay,chinese, indian..very muhibah!
bukan sahaja muhibah dlm segi kerjasama, kasih sayang, tolong menolong..etc. bahkan TIDUR juga!!!

so sweet!!:)

there i oledi update oledi mr PETER:)

ja-ne~!!till then the next post!

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