Saturday, January 24, 2009

18.window live messenger


this is the new msn messenger dat i jz DL kinda kool~version 2009..well i kinda like it. loooks nicer then the previous msn thing about this msn it can change!!

imageohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~lovely~~cherry favourite flower! n then about ur status..they onli have available, away, busy and appear offline..dats all~^^..i jz like the features..even chatbox looks nice!! like this!

imageor..or…even this!window like writer!!! it connects directly to ur blog!!so u can actaully use this to update ur blog!

imagejz like this!!!..i dun have to go to me makes no difference oso if i go direct to the website or using this live writer ..tee-hee~!!

well it seems dat..using this they will tell ur frenz dat u have oledi updated..i think so..cant remember..=.=

well CHINESE NEW YEAR is comin soon..well is onli like 1-2 days minna-san[everybody] ENJOY YA!!…



Friday, January 16, 2009


i bake this cookies two days ago~~look nice angelin?..dun salivate own ur laptop or keyboard girl;)~lol!!
well it supposed to be lemon crispy cookies..well..its crispy taste more like..butter crispy cookies more..oh well should have put more lemon juice in it..but then..i gave my mum to try, she said she could taste the lemon..rite~~should have put lemon skin on in besides the coloured sweety beadies..

this is the "lemon" crispy cookies..more like butter taste like..=.=

then i spent my whole wednesday baking cookies..from 10 sumthing till 6 sumthing..non stop..damn least is worth it..n it taste good..
baking 2 at once, coz im too lazy to wait adi..n each take about 40 mins!longggggggg~~~

well..i not onli make "lemon" flavor..i also make sum orange flavor too!!^^ turns out..the same..=.=..
this one is going to be bake is round so make it round..easy to determine which is lemon or orange

ta-daa~the masterpiece..yummy..taste abit of tangy-ness of the orange^^

and...this are the "burn" but still edible..n sum extra orange flavor..hahaha!

and im happy wif my eat..datang ke rumah saye biler tahun baru ciner..;)
hope by the time u come, masih ade lagi oh..kekekeke

i got free 500 sms!!!yeay!!!!maxis is da best!!!!^^

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


is been a month since i have oledi proves to me dat im to lazy to updates..hmmm..oh order to mantain it so dat it doesnt mati, im going to update once a month^^ i have been thinkin..maybe i should change my blog into a cooking blog!?where i promote food dat i made and ate..hmm,not a bad idea eh?well~still considering..^^..sum how i kinda regret y i took physiotherapy as my course..y not culinary arts?=.=.."'

chillin down after baking it
well..i made this..^^yeapz..with my own hands..this are honey cornflakes..*muax* nice~~^^ abit to sweet honey though haha!! quite simple to make though.but the more i eat it..the more i got addicted to it..cross my fingers, hope it will be there b4 CNY comes..if not i have to make more..


coloutful too~~

well, if u wanna try..:D datang lah ke rumah saye~haha!!


p/s: due to sum chatbox is under construction..:(..but dun worry it will be back up again till zhiyong comes back..=.=

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