Monday, June 16, 2008

6. all about langkawi part 2

at last..i got a full nice connection again to update my blog..i cant enter in bcoz of the internet in langkawi is sooooooooooooo slow...especially the place i stay..haihz.. i have to go all the way to starbucks to use the WiFi..=.= newayz..

continueing my observation during my stay at langkawi..

well..since langkawi is a tourist site, u see lots of ang moh men mah.. well indeed i seen many young cute hot men!!!...few at the beaches..super duper hot n cute lehhhhhhhhhhh...i saw one in pasar mlm!! really handsome leh!!haihz..once im back in kl...i nvr get to see them nemore...well at least i have them in my mind oledi..sudah snap pic wif my eyes adi n process it in my brain^^ hohoho~~

n oh! oh!..i see lots of GAY MEN around l'kawi..yuck!! i saw one in pasar mlm last wed n they were holding hands in public[esh!tak malu] n so..of coz i dish out my HP but it was to late..they stop at one stall..n were choosing belts together..haihz..i stoood there n waited for them to move n hold hands..i waited n waited..i got tired i walk away..haihz..

guys in l'kawi nvr seen girls wearing sleeveless b4..they see n go around doing the kiss kiss sound n start saying.."ah moi"[=.=]jz last week, me n my fren to the beach jz to relax we went abit futher then the normal we usually atop at..n there's a bunch of idoitic guys trying to call us..but of coz we dun care lah..we simply ignore n jln at last we stop at sum shady place..n drank our vodka^^..few minutes l8r..they actually walk one round n pass us, saying "eh..kita boring lah..ah moi boleh join tak?" wah liow..sudah my mood so good..go n spoil it..we summore ignore last they walk away..few minutes later, one of the guys came n tok to us, asking can they join n they are bored..BORED my butt!! they are playing football lah! go n play wif ur frenz n stop bothering us!..n so we jz didnt say nething..i n my fren jz walk away from there n went to waterfall..nice^^n cont to drink our vodka..lalalalala~.. he was toking to us in malay n i wanted to say to him "oh sorry..wat are u toking about? im not malaysian, im japanese" my fren wanted to say in mandarin" dui bu chi, im from china, im not malaysian" wth..i wanted to say dat..wanna see his face expression..:P hehee!!

newayz..dats all for now lah..but dats all im gonna say about l'kawi so far..stayed there almost like 2 months adi..haihz..getting use wif life there adi..but oh well..too bad..coz..

IM BACK IN KL ADI!!!! yeap! im back in KU-A-LA LUM-PUR!!!^^ since yesterday!!! so happy to be back~~dats all fer now~~


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