Monday, October 6, 2008

11.jz follow the wind

have u ever been a situation when u dunno how to go to a destination by driving n sumhow u jz reach ur destination sumhow...?

well..i did! it happen last friday, i was going to have dinner wif my coll mate at subang jaya after work, we were going to eat at sakae sushi..>.<>.< went along wif the plan without knowing where to go n wat way to use.. so i drove n i pass the 1st toll..[i was wif a fren oso] so jz drove n drove until i saw the road says SHAH turn into shah alam..n thanks to my fren..who jz told me the rite way by using federal highway..[his girl jz sms him] i was onli u say..u pig! i was about to scold him..he pointed out.."there, lebuhraya persekutuan"..oh!i was so i jz drove straight onli..n keep on looking at the signbourd..n my fren keep on saying..keep turning,, follow the KL way..[btw he oso dunno how to go] i jz keep on turning to KL route..after many anoymouse turning...i sumhow reach PLUS highway..FUYO!..entah macam mana my heart i keep praying to God.. n i drove straight again..n Praise the Lord..i saw the signboard says..SUBANG JAYA!!..wahh..~ wat a took the subang jaya way..n keep driving..n then..i saw to way..subang sumthing..n pusat bandar subang jaya..n is a to splint way road..crap!..i dunno which wan then.. i jz play my luck n i took the 1st turning to pusat bandar, i think, cant remember.. n i jz drove again..n guess wat.. I REACH SUBANG PARADE!!!..WOO-HOO!!..n i reach safely too!!yeay!!..n the whole journey onli took a few minutes!!.hahaha!!yeay n today i was going back home from wrk..i actually found the rite way to subang jaya..=.= swt!!! oh a exprecience fer me then>.< haahaha!!


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