Monday, November 10, 2008

12.goreng pisang or pisang gooreng last after the 1 weeks of holiday fer refreshed!..emphasizing '-ed' yes holiday ended last 2 weeks ago..n i have 3 more weeks to go!! WOOHOO!!..n FREE!!! the whole 2 n half month in klang..i have not been doing my part as a student at supposed to find 2 case study and do presentation..complete my stupid log many things..3 more weeks..n i havent even started yet at all..

change subject..b4 my holiday i recently got addicted to this certain food in HTAR..[note: the food there totally sux..not to be racist or nething..but all malay food..] the certain food im mentioning is..FRIED BANANA!!!..seeeedaaaaaaaaaappppppp giillerrrrrr~~.. so, i bought it like everyday single day..n it onli 1 buck fer 3!!..jz enuf fer me!!;s the pic

oh salivating rite now!!

n yess..after my holiday..i didnt miss nething about the hosp..not even one single physio..[who will, they are so obnoxious and screwed ppl>.<, we have to put up our "beautifu"l FAKE smile to them..]..n YES!!..u guess it rite!..i onli missed..i repeat..MISSED onli the FRIED BANANA!!!



xmas rally is coming and VBS is coming..havent done anything yet..n this week preparing SS lesson..haihz~ gambateh ZHENG!!

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