Thursday, November 27, 2008


it all happen today at HTAR..TODAY..when i was in so good mood bcoz i have done all neurology case study at last..n so i n my fren went back going towards our cars..when suddenly!!
WAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dats not my car..:)

YES IT IS!!..dats my lovely beloved poor car!!!...i cant even look at it!!!

i got HIT RUN accident..i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo really damn piss..well..l8r on..i thnk back..aiyah nvm lah..but my heart still says..screw dat fella who did it..CHICKEN!!!..aRgH!!!

but now im chilled..Thank God my fren were there wif me..n THANK fren called me to gimme my pendrive came to the car park area to pass it to me..n they were there wif me throughout..

so..i was thre standing wif my fren like lepak-ing at the hosp car park area..while waiting fer help to come..yea..we were chilling..n discussing about the hosp car park probz..

seriously..take my ADVICE.. NVR EVER GET ADMITTED TO HTAR(Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah)!! NVR EVER!!>.
well Thank came..n one of my physio's husband came to help me..n he jz a simple tool..TAPE;) physiotherapist..NVR EVER LOOK DOWN ON TAPING! works..even proven on cars adi..;) heres wat he did!
is all back to new!! poor lovely beloved "injured" car..well sumtimes mechanics no need to use sum bombastic tool..n this POWERFUL TAPE dat this hosp x-ray dept have..[fer once im complimating the hosp] manage to stick it back!! wOO-hOO~!!

well..actually this hit-run accident didnt happen 1st time in the 3rd TIME!!..yesss..3RD TIME!! a slight dent..but dun look down on it..when i wan to open the door..i cant open it was stuck...see..

2nd..: the same place as todays, the front bumper was knock oso...

3rd..TODAY!!..>..<..oh well..malaysians mah..malaysians are a fact!!although im a malaysian..but i have to admit..we, malaysian are liddat!! ja-ne>.

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