Saturday, January 24, 2009

18.window live messenger


this is the new msn messenger dat i jz DL kinda kool~version 2009..well i kinda like it. loooks nicer then the previous msn thing about this msn it can change!!

imageohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~lovely~~cherry favourite flower! n then about ur status..they onli have available, away, busy and appear offline..dats all~^^..i jz like the features..even chatbox looks nice!! like this!

imageor..or…even this!window like writer!!! it connects directly to ur blog!!so u can actaully use this to update ur blog!

imagejz like this!!!..i dun have to go to me makes no difference oso if i go direct to the website or using this live writer ..tee-hee~!!

well it seems dat..using this they will tell ur frenz dat u have oledi updated..i think so..cant remember..=.=

well CHINESE NEW YEAR is comin soon..well is onli like 1-2 days minna-san[everybody] ENJOY YA!!…



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