Monday, March 23, 2009

22. guardian angel

this happen last 2 week friday..n i forgot to post up this..jz wanted to share lah..:) anywayz, it all happen in friday morning..well as u noe i oledi started posting at HKL..on dat particular day, i have to go alone bcoz my fren cenot come due to i went alone..

so~all alone, n on dat morning, it was cold bcoz is like going to rain, i was praying dat i reach the hosp b4 it rain in my heart lah..and i reach titiwangsa, well it started to drizzle abit adi..good thing i was wearing my jacket n i kept my hood. from the lrt to the hosp i have to walk fer about 5-10 mins lah. and i was walking walking n walking.

this kind malay lady suddenly tok to me..n ask me “pergi ke hospital ke?” i jz said yea, im going..n she was holding 2 umbrellas!!she gave me one n i tok it..indeed later 3 mins l8r the rain got heavier..n it was heavy..n i reach HKL safely n dry~~~

wow!! i really Thank God fer dat!!! He is REALLY a provider!!

well dats all i wanna type today..well..i have more..this week i went to nikko hotel fer conference n helping out..i will post the pic soon..;)


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