Friday, February 27, 2009

21. buffalo or cow or human??

well..i jz started my last training in HKL..the hospital dat i wouldnt wan to step into..but i have no choice..have to go there..sad~..but so far..THANK GOD! i have no probz there..

well one of the problems is jz walking ro one building to the next building..n it takes like 3-5 mins to walk there..n then next posted to paeds where i have to walk fer 20 mins to a building…=.=..well my fren told me i look thinner yea..jz dat my leg hurts alot from walking alot..

so all happen u muz noe.the HOD in my dept[physiotherapy] is a DATIN..n all physio’s around m’sia fears her…so yea..kinda frightening lah..

yesterday, the datin called all the student from electro and gym to see her straight away..[THANK GOD in wards phew~] so yea..all the electro and gym students went to meet her..n there she goes again..scolding n scolding..=.=scold scold scold scold..i think dat her favourite past time..*roll eyes*

at 12 to 1 pm we all have this thing called lab skills where we practice our skills lah..dats dat day we meet up at electro..practicing muscle testing..n thanks to sum ppl..the jrs took my fren’s book..n left me her n other fren no book..we have to slot our selves into other groups..n the lady said 3 in a group..but my group got 4..

n all the sudden she came into the electro,n my cubicle it the 1st cubicle..n of coz saw my group 1st lah!n here it goes again…her fav. past time at me..looking straight at me

she: did i say 3 in a group?? y are the 4???

me:…*looking at her*[softly..sorry ma’am]

she: are u a idoit!?u tell me..are u a COW? or a buffalo???

me:…………….*looking at her still*

she:u tell me!! u tell me wat are u now!?tell me!

me:…………human?…*looking at her stilllll*

she:*nods* u all are giving alots problems! i feel like chucking u all out n sending u all back to the college..*still looking at me*

me:……….*looking at her for a while-5 seconds later-,look down*

she:*walks away…*

*the end*

n the funny part indian fren was telling me the whole scene again..she find it funny bcoz i keep my face straight..without no nth happen punye muka expression..dat part she oledi make my day happy abit..

after dat “marahing” incident..i was like kinda down mood to eat..but she tells me wat is my face expression like..n is kinda funny..well..thinking about is funny..^^

i told my mum about it..she laugh at me..when the part i answered “human”

i dunno she crazy or wat..but she did pisses me off yesterday..we receive a msg dat we all students are to find journals on evidence based on i find n find n find n find..until i got sooooooooooo annoyed..bcoz all the articles i wan have to PAY!!of coz im getting angry..

i complain to my fren on9..saying like this..”THIS LADY IS MAKING ME VERY ANGRY..I WISH SHE JZ DISSAPEAR!!”

wow..dat was really harsh man..i regretted wat i said..but i was really angry i jz said it!!:P

today i saw the most disgusting thing in my whole life!!!! i saw 3 CROCKROUCH in the middle of the the HOSPITAL!!EEEE-YUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!disgusting!! n my fren is standing near to those things like those things all nvr exist n im one end there shouting!..grossssssss!!!dlkjhropti9u2098-tgoijklgnslgksnlfeto…DISGUSTING!! like worst than see-ing all the open wound i see in patients..those things are the worst!!!!

kiez..dats all fer today


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talethan said...

wah. she's not either a bull, cow or human. she's a monster weh. yel at people for fun one. ish.

btw, i like your blog theme. so delicious. ahahaha


zheng said...

lol!!yea at times she's really monster=.=..she did worst than scolding me:(..she's really horrible..i jz cant wait fer the 3 months to be over~~

lol feeling hungry??

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