Sunday, February 1, 2009


today my couz, Darren told me a very cute thing about our youngest couz, a girl, Eerin age 3+..well they all were one family having breakfast..DIMSUM..n so there was a conversation happening between my couz n her..

Eerin:*saw the crab type dimsum* CRAB!!

Others: yess…

Eerin: crab not moving..

others: yess…

Eerin: crab DIE!!!

omgoodness!!! dats was so adorable!!wish i were there!!n my aunt said..”she observe n then she make her own conclusion..”so adorable!!!so cUte!!

newayz..dats another i the main story..i was watching man vs.wild in discovery channel..[nice show ar!]n i guess is oledi finish..since they were showing onli selected scenes where this guy went n ate n survive in the wild..i cant really remember his name.but the onli thing i remember about him is..he is a sum british army..sum special squad lah! i snapshot sum pic of wat he ate n where he had been..hahaha!..kinda interesting lah..but yet disgusting..he will jz eating nething jz to survive..when i mean means..really ANYTHING..oh!oh!..i remember his name..BEAR GRYLLS

p/s: if u cant take it..plz dun continue reading it..:) thanks! and sorry fer the poor quality of the pic..i took it directly from the tv using my my phone cam..

DSC02432 at SAHARA eating a lizard..i think alive


at AFRICAN SAVANNA,found a dead eaten zebra..yeap u can see the skeleton of it


this is him..eating the left over food from the lion..yeap..the same zebra


i cant remember where sum deserted desert, he is taking goat testicles from a man named MUHAMMAD


and he vomitted it out..=.=


at ECOADOR, ohhhh..big poisonous “tong koo” he didnt eat it..he’s not an idiot

DSC02442 DSC02444 DSC02446 DSC02447


same place..eating snails,grasshopper, and i duno wats the name of the beetle


at COSTA RICAN rain forest,hunting fer fish..n the fish is the man eating fish, the piranha


got a few at last..creppy..still alive even though sudah tangkap~~biting the leaf stalk

DSC02457 DSC02458

lovely~at last is sumthing he cooked!no eating raw..n guess wat..he doesnt like it..=.=


at EVERGLADES, tortoise.he got a tortoise fer a PET!..naww..he killed it..n


ROAST IT!!evil~~~


in british accent,”look!the shell is brittle and it’s ready to be eaten” and he tasted like chicken..


back to deserted desert when he really cant find food..he have no choice but to choose this!


he and MUHAMMAD kept on hitting pin down it..n mr.bear took his trusty knife n slices off it’s head!


the head of the DESERT HORNED VIPER.. R.I.P


eck!..the head oledi chop off! still can MOVE!!


and no..he didnt eat it raw this time again..he barbequed it..=.= and mr.bear enjoyed it..=.=


back to SAHARA again..when there’s no water..find a CAMEL!!..n kill it~he cut open the camel and he drank the camel reservoir.THANK GOD fer creating camels liddat! see God has His purpose in creating things^^ can u see the camel’s GUT!!hehee!!

i dun have nething wrong wif him..i like watching his show..kinda interesting..well..u never noe wat happen to u..n he is showing u how to survive;)..n i alwys remember him saying IMPROVISING wif the things u have!hmm..nice show to watch..

till the next time..


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