Thursday, February 5, 2009

20. ice skating

1. today i went ice skating at sunway with aimee, angelin and yipin

2. it was fun

3. i manage to skate after the 1st half of the rink..yeay!![1st time TAU]

4. it was really fun and addictive

5. me n yipin kept on going round n round

6. it was really fun and addictive and im hook to drugs..

7.i fell down 3 times!!

8. it was embarrassing..

9. i feel flat onto my butt..n it hurts rite even now..[sakit!!] n scrap my a lil bit of blood

10. but i still went n i cant stop

11. i feel down twice on the same round good thing on my side

12. still went on n is stil FUN!

13. my butt sores rite now..sakit!!

14. yipin fell down at last..i congratulate him..we even celebrate by clapping hands..

15. at last yipin progress, and manage to skate w/out help of the railing anymore*champagne pops*after fer like 2-3 hours persuading to let go of the railing..but he really work hard!!GOOD JOB LENG CHAI!

16. trying to relax angelin and helping her in skating..hahaha it was kinda fun..she’s so cUte!!^.^Y

17. it was fun..n im pretty satisfied and hungry^^

18. kwn-kwn kita pergi lain kali ya!

19. GREAT EXERCISE..although my butt hurts alot now and my leg having blisters..WORTH IT!

20. my wish has oledi FULLFILL!! yeay!! n i THANK GOD fer dat!

DSC02479 i paid 8 bucks fer it!!! and wencheng got it fer 5 BUCKS!!wtheck!?


me skates..nth else to take..


my poor hand..yea got scrap when i fell down..worth it!lol

lain kali i upload the pic lah! lazy..

pain pain pain pain..


2 wishes:

angelin said...

T.T you all can go while i go learn how to make pancakes.

zheng said...

hahaha!!aww come on least u should be proud dat u went 4-5 rounds without falling..

and pancakes are darn easy to make!:P

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